Cole Harbour District High School

March 22nd, 2021

1) Looking for adventure?  The Dungeons and Dragons Club are meeting after school today in Room 106.  New members welcome.

2) Jazz Band is after school every Monday and Concert Band is after school every Tuesday.  New members are welcome.

3) Good Morning Cavaliers! Our Student Action Committee SHINE has created their very own food pantry for the students here at Cole Harbour High. This will be an anonymous system that students can use to get access to food that they might find at a food bank, such as: dried pasta, canned fruits and veggies, cereal, soup, kraft dinner and other non-perishable items! To get access to these food items, students can fill out the request form found on the school website. They will be emailed with instructions to pick up their food in the office. Requests should be submitted by the Wednesday of each week to be fulfilled by Friday. Remember that all information is confidential and that this pantry is here for everyone!

4) MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning is excited to announce their programs for the Spring Term will begin on March 29th and run until June 18th. Many of these programs will be in-person, so register soon to get a spot. There are also some virtual programs being offered. All programs are free of charge and there is a wide variety of programming available, including music production, water colour painting, dungeons & dragons, exploring graphic novels, sewing & fashion, and many more. Go to and click on "Programs" to register.
Please note that Black Hair Story of Nova Scotia is starting on Monday, April 12 and Changing the Narrative will be starting Tuesday, April 6! All other programs begin the week of the 29th.

Quote of the Day
Between stimulus and response, there is a space. And in that space lies our power to choose. And in our choice lies our growth and freedom.
- Viktor Frankl