Cole Harbour District High School

Information to Parents

 Good Evening Cole Harbour District High School families,

Please see the attached and below for some important items.

• We have been given a number of water coolers and our fountains are now closed until the water can be tested. Testing must occur in consistent warmer temperatures and I have been told this will not be done until spring at the earliest. Students are asked to bring reusable drinking containers to take advantage of the water provided.

• The exams are just around the corner.  The schedule is attached for your perusal along with school cancellation information.

• Students who are eligible for exemptions should have already been to student services to provide their exemption choice to Mrs. Stairs.  If they have not, they must go as soon as possible, the final date for exemption requests is January 20th.

Important Dates:
January 23 NSVS Exams
January 27 Exam week begins
January 31 Assessment and Evaluation Day (no students present)
February 3, 2020 Semester 2 Start
Thank you and stay safe in the snow!