Cole Harbour District High School

Halifax Hurricanes Vollunteer Oportunity

The Halifax Hurricanes are looking for students interested in volunteering with game day operations with the Halifax Hurricanes for the 2019-20 season. Potential candidates should be interest in gaining volunteer experience, able to commit for our remaining home games, and are in the off-season of their sport if they are an athlete.

The duties they would be asked complete would be: 

     -Filling up ice buckets for water bottles.
     -Filling up team water bottles.
     -Ensuring locker rooms have extra towels and bottled water

During Game:
     -Taking care of the home and away benches during home games.
     -Handing players towels
     -Making sure bottles of water are topped up and passed out when needed.
     -Sweeping the floor while the play is in transition or stoppage in play during games.

     -Clean up of benches after games end.
     -Towels and bottles are cleaned and put away in the Game Day Operations locker.

Please contact Mr. Kalberlah if you are interested.