Cole Harbour District High School


“Why have so many of us kept a sketchbook or journal at some point in our lives — no matter how brief — and what did they stir in us? The value of using art and creativity to make sense of ourselves and our surroundings has been recognized by humanity for much of our history, and so it is no surprise that we use art to learn and grow.

In our after school MacPhee Drop-In sessions, students are encouraged to experiment and explore themselves and the world around them through art in its various shapes, and will be supported by local artist and educator JJ Steeves. The Art Drop-In will have a casual and relaxed atmosphere, where the creative projects by the students are welcome to be individual pieces or group collaborations.

Please join us for our first get together on Tuesday, February 11, from 2-4pm, where we will share and discuss what each student would like to accomplish during our time together.”